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For the posting and discussion of LotR art

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Graphics by *Cam* go check out her fantastic site.


This is a place for the posting of all forms of LotR art, hence the rather original name. ;oD

Though it looks a little empty right now (under construction) I am hoping that should change as new people join and share their work.

Collages, slideshows, LiveJournal icons, LotR inspired poetry, and fan fiction are all welcome.


This community, is slash friendly. i.e. stories or art work featuring same sex characters in a romantic or sexual involvement are welcome.
Lotr_art is also Real Person Slash (RPS) friendly. This means that stories or art work featuring the actors as themselves are welcome.

If slash or RPS offends you, then I am guessing you won't be happy here.


Please add a header to all stories, including pairing, rating, and a disclaimer.
Anonymous posting is allowed, but sign your posts.
Please use LJ cut tags for longer entries, photos or artwork.
No flames
And no spam.

This community is not age restricted . This, however may change at a later date depending on the content of work posted here. If you are under 18, please read the headers attached to any fiction for ratings.